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Millions of children die each year because they did not get adequate and timely care. The majority of these deaths occur in low-resource settings. One of the biggest challenges in reducing the number of children dying is to recognize problems such as severe infections in an early stage. Shortage of staff and lack of suitable equipment are important contributing factors to this problem. This is something Goal 3 founder Niek Versteegde experienced first hand while working in a rural hospital in Tanzania.

When I think back to working in Tanzania, I remember patients who died on my watch. Especially the deaths of children were heartbreaking. To know that 10 times more children die before the age of 5 in low resource settings compared to western settings is staggering. When you see it happen in real life it wipes you of your feet. To lose a child because of delays in diagnosis and treatment is something no-one should experience.

Niek Versteegde​

This experience has led to a strong determination and drive to find solutions to this problem. When founders Bart Bierling and Niek Versteegde met, it soon led to fruitful discussions about the role and possibilities for technology to improve healthcare in low resource settings. This early collaboration led to the erection of the social enterprise/startup GOAL 3.

The team

Niek Versteegde

Founder & CEO

Niek is a general practitioner and specialist in tropical medicine and international health. He has experience as a medical specialist working in both in the Netherlands and Tanzania. His experience and network is key to develop successful solutions.
Bart Bierling


Bart studied Industrial Design and did many health related projects, several of them in the Neonatal intensive care unit in Veldhoven. In one of them he tested the new ballistography sensor in the NICU to monitor the breathing rate and movements of premature born babies in a stressless and painless way.
Tijs Versteegde


Tijs is an experienced embedded systems engineer, with a degree as a MSc. in Embedded systems at the TU/e. He has more than 10 years of working experience with a mixed background in testing, electrical engineering and (mostly embedded) software development.
Balt Leenman


Balt is an experienced entrepreneur, after working at Capgemini for 16 years he started the g-company Salesforce for non-profit practice. He also initiated a consulting business start-up in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.
Jelle Schuitemaker


Jelle is a young, creative entrepreneur and MSc. in Innovation Management at the TU/e, experienced in participating in various start-ups, mainly in the social impact sector. He is committed to bringing Goal 3 commercially to success.
Kevin Gerrits

Head of Finance

Kevin is an experienced Finance professional with 10+ years of experience working for Ernst & Young in various senior roles.

Jori Spierings

Graphic Designer

Jori is a young creative that worked mainly in graphic design roles. He created the GOAL 3 logo and company branding.

Medical Product Expert

We are currently looking for an expert in creating Medtech products from scratch. Someone that is experienced in the process of development, certification, tests and trials.

Help us build GOAL 3 and reach out to us via the contact button on the homepage or via LinkedIn.


Open vacancy

Enthusiastic about our goal, mission and values? Do you think you can contribute?
Help us build GOAL 3 and reach out to us via the contact button on the homepage or via LinkedIn.