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In 2015, the United Nations made a promise to make the world a significantly better place by committing to the 17 sustainable development goals. Our social enterprise “GOAL 3” was named after the third goal “Good health and well-being”. As a tribute, but mainly as a promise to make a positive impact on global healthcare before 2030. 


Leave no one behind” is the slogan of the Sustainable Development Goals, symbolizing the importance of equality. Something which is reflected in our own slogan “We All Health.” As we near the midpoint of the 15 year lifespan of these goals, unfortunately, we are not on track. This is especially true from a perspective of equality. Child mortality and neonatal mortality remain unacceptably high in large parts of the world and were set back even further by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Globally eleven children die every minute, which adds up to 6 million every year. To me as a father, a doctor, a human being and as CEO of GOAL 3 it is incomprehensible that we almost consider this normal. Luckily there are many people who feel the same. But a lot more people and a lot more actions are needed. That is why we have started this campaign. 


By sharing our purpose and raising awareness we aim to inspire and motivate people, organizations and initiatives to work together on making the world a better place. The larger the group of like-minded people and organizations becomes, the stronger we will be and the more likely it will be that we accomplish our goals. 


It’s time for change! 


Yours sincerely,

Niek Versteegde


1. We are all equal
Good health and wellbeing are basic human rights. Let’s make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to fulfil their potential and thrive.
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2. Whatever it takes
Children dying from conditions that can be treated for less than $10 is ridiculous, unnecessary and unacceptable. It is our moral responsibility to do whatever we can to stop this from happening.
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3. There’s no silver bullet
If it was easy, it would have been done already. It requires blood, sweat, tears, persistence and a long term focus to make it happen. Taking risks, falling and getting up is part of the game.
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4.Everything is interconnected
The 17 goals are interrelated and affect each other. Too much focus on one topic will lead to neglect of others. So be modest about the impact you can achieve, but be ambitious in reaching it.
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5. Be open-minded and humble
The world is not in need of patronizing know-it-alls. Listen to each other, build bridges and enable others to make the change they need.
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6. Empower and trust each other
Most places in need of change are full of talented and motivated people. Treating them like they are victims is undermining and disempowering. Let’s stand next to each other as equals.
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7. Collaboration instead of competition
We are looking at the most pressing and heartbreaking issues of our time. It is time to set aside personal, corporate and national interests and do the right things. Even when it hurts.
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8. You are the change
The strongest shoulders should carry the heaviest load, but everybody can contribute. Do not wait for someone to tell you what to do.
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9. Celebrate life
No matter what the task is, there is no need to feel sad or to get down on yourself. Have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Just make sure you are doing the right things.
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GOAL 3 is a social enterprise named after Sustainable Development GOAL 3 (SDG 3). This is one of the 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations to draw attention to the world’s biggest challenges. SDG 3 focuses specifically on good health and well-being. With subgoal 3.2 aimed at reducing (preventable) child mortality. The social enterprise GOAL 3 is named after SDG 3 as a tribute and a mission statement, advocating and innovating for good health and well-being worldwide. GOAL 3 aims for fair and accessible healthcare for everyone and does so by enabling and empowering health workers at places where it is needed the most. 

GOAL 3 is developing an end-to-end clinical support system for health facilities in low-resource settings: IMPALA. This tablet-based solution combines a simplified electronic patient record and a user-friendly, durable vital signs monitoring device into an integrated system that is fit for this context. IMPALA enables easy collection and visualisation of relevant clinical data. Integrated decision support tools assist health workers to monitor and manage their patients better with the same or reduced effort. 

This system will be tested Summer 2022 in two hospitals in Malawi, and will be ready for market launch in the middle of 2023. For more information about the IMPALA system, please visit

GOAL 3 cooperates with several international health research institutes. It was established in partnership with the Emma Children’s Hospital of the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC). In addition to the AMC, GOAL 3 has Dutch partnerships with teaching hospitals such as Radboud and LUMC. Internationally, GOAL 3 works together with Imperial College in London, the University of Malawi, the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) and various leading paediatricians and other doctors. GOAL 3 also has business partnerships with parties such as Philips Foundation, Achmea Foundation and Norrsken Foundation.

No, GOAL 3 is primarily a company as we believe that profit can be a means to achieve more impact. This identifies GOAL 3 as a social enterprise. GOAL 3 was founded and has its headquarters in the Netherlands. However, GOAL 3 does not see itself purely as a Dutch company, but as an international company operating from the Netherlands. Meanwhile, people from several countries are working on GOAL 3’s mission. GOAL 3 also intends to open offices in African countries, among others.

As GOAL 3 is a company, and we believe that profit is a means to increase our impact, GOAL 3 is not looking for donors, but for investors. People who believe in our plans and want to contribute financially to them. We are looking for these investors through our crowdfunding campaigns. Currently, GOAL 3 is preparing for a new campaign that starts in the beginning of April 2022. With this crowdfunding, people can invest from as little as €250 euro onwards, in order to become a future shareholder of GOAL 3. 


Next to investors, GOAL 3 is also searching for ambassadors that can share our message and tell our stories, as well as talented people that want to join in building our company. For more information on this campaign, the company, and how to be an ambassador leave your contact details by signing this manifesto to stay informed.

GOAL 3 is run by a team of more than 20 employees, consisting of entrepreneurs, doctors, technicians, engineers and business experts. This team is led by Niek Versteegde (CEO), a visionary tropical doctor and international health expert who himself worked in a hospital in Tanzania and understands what is needed in these settings. The team holds a mixture of junior, medior, and senior positions, balancing talent with experience in all core fields.

We All Health