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Despite the tremendous advances in healthcare, the majority of the people worldwide struggle to get even basic health services. At the same time health workers, organizations, and governments in low resource settings, struggle to provide patients the care they need and deserve.

At GOAL 3 we believe it is possible to make a difference and that it is possible to achieve more with less. But we need to change how we work because if we do what we did we get what we got. It is our ambition to enable and empower healthcare workers to provide high-quality care in spite of their contextual constraints.

Together we can and will make a difference. But to succeed, this should be bigger than us. Therefore we invite you and everyone else to join our mission because stories that are shared have the power to change the world.


Yours sincerely,
Niek Versteegde, CEO GOAL 3

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At GOAL 3, we believe in leadership throughout the entire organization. The team aims for as little hierarchy as possible, we put the best people in the right place, and each team member puts a hundred per cent effort into their tasks. That is why we are not limited to our official roles, we help wherever it’s needed to make a success out of GOAL 3. 

We live GOAL 3 and we love telling the world about what we are creating together. We are honest and open and support each other to grow both professionally and personally. We are well aware of the fact that it’s important to find a good work-life balance, but we don’t hold back if we need to get things done outside office hours. We are in for the long haul and are prepared to say no to other opportunities. 

We are a team, we work together, we respect each other, we strive for an open and honest organization, we empower one another, we work hard to achieve our mission, and we have tons of fun doing it together. GOAL 3 is a company made of its people, that is why the team is composed of the people that best align with the company’s values and that thrive by being part of this mission.  

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Starting a company for low and middle-income countries has its challenges and requires a well developed and structured plan.


That is why we have created a market and business model,  involving NGOs,  urban & private hospitals with relatively stable incomes, and rural hospitals.


Our initial focus is on children and low resource settings but we plan on expanding to other populations and settings at a later stage because we do believe in our mission and its advantages for the community.


Some future milestones pass by going to the market in 2023 to set up the supply chain, maintenance, and payments; algorithms for paediatric monitoring and emergency care; and later on to increase access to care to 100 million people by enabling and empowering 1 million healthcare workers by 2030.


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Pilot Malawi

GOAL 3 is currently working towards four main value propositions: more effective treatments, digital health, patient monitoring, and decision support. 


So far we have partnered and collaborated with entities from four different areas: clinical partners for the first pilot study in Malawi, technical development partners, the IMPALA research consortium, and business & strategy partners. 


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GOAL 3 went through a rough journey that’s only starting to de-risk now as it’s growing. We started out very vague, very risky, we did not know where to go or with whom to talk to, and over time you start to grow really steep from literally every conversation and obstacle you find. I love this learning curve. 

Jelle Schuitemaker

Founder & COO